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The Marmalade Play team brings quality gaming to the widest possible audience through our strong relationships with some of the best mobile developers and platform owners. We identify quality content and then provide developers with the opportunity to harness new revenue streams - and app stores with the chance to enhance the content they offer to their customers.

Marmalade Play

How we work

Games and apps made with Marmalade can automatically run on a wide range of operating systems and devices. Other games and apps can be quickly and simply ported by you or our own team using our SDK. In both cases, your content is then distributed to multiple app stores and the wider target markets they represent.

Who we work with

We work with developers, platform owners including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and BlackBerry and all the leading apps stores. We work on everything from complex RPGs to simpler 2D puzzle games. If we think people will want to play your game or use your app, we’ll help you take it to them. In addition to our work as a publisher, we’re also the distributor for over 150 successful titles including Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Backbreaker 2, Design This Home, Talisman Prologue and many more as part of our Content Kickstart programme. We’ve brought these great games to new platforms like LG Smart TV, and BlackBerry devices on behalf of publishers such as Square Enix, Natural Motion, App Minis and Games Workshop. And we don’t just work with the big companies either: we have a rich catalogue of quality games and apps from developers of all sizes, all proud to be part of Marmalade Play.

Video case study of Jumping Jupingo

Philippe Ingels, Director of Wakster talks about publisher Marmalade Play and the Marmalade SDK when making this stunning platformer

Laugh yourself silly with this promotional video

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What you gain

  • Developers: publish with Marmalade Play and there’s a lot to gain:
    • Free Marmalade SDK licence
    • Free access to a dedicated support channel
    • Deployment incentive for partners projects
    • Additional visibility on partner stores
    • Benefit of Marmalade marketing and cross-promotion activities
    • Design review
    • Monetisation review
    • Assistance in devising go-to-market and monetisation strategies
    • Marmalade internal QA support
    • Device loan whenever needed (and possible)
    • You retain the bulk of the revenues
    • You retain all IP rights
  • Platform: work with Marmalade and you’ll gain the opportunity to populate your platform/store with premium content, including curated content packages as part of our Content Kickstart programme.

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