Marmalade Quick

Accelerating your game development with a fast, flexible and open RAD environment.
With Lua, a little code goes a long way.

How to build a Quick 2D game for iOS, Android and Windows

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Includes access to Core, Juice, Quick and Web.

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With Marmalade Quick, you can rapidly create impressive 2D games without being a
programming ninja.

As the name suggests, Marmalade Quick is designed to be fast, flexible and easy to use.

With Marmalade Quick, a little code goes a long way. Using Lua, the fastest scripting language available, Marmalade Quick is built on Marmalade Core, Cocos2d-x and Box2D, so it is both powerful and entirely cross-platform. In fact, no other RAD environment offers simultaneous deployment to so many platforms – or the ability to develop for iOS on a PC.

With Marmalade Quick and a single codebase you can target:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Desktop
  • Mac Desktop
  • Tizen
  • BlackBerry 10
  • BlackBerry Playbook
  • Roku

No knowledge of platform-specific languages, APIs or tools is required. So you can get going as soon as you like!
A little code goes a long way with Marmalade Quick. How little? See for yourself.

What our devs say about Marmalade Quick

Jamie Grossman, Fluff Stuff Studios:
“The fact that Marmalade can target so many platforms with such ease is a huge selling point. What is even better is the fact that I could deploy to iOS devices without even needing a Mac - useful! Also, the fact that most of the bugs in my game could be fixed cross-platform by modifying a single code base was extremely time saving.”
Naz Taylor, Snazzlebot:
“We had already used Marmalade to build our first game and had been very happy with the results. Delivering it to multiple platforms was a big highlight, as was being able to use Lua for development. Lua is an extremely simple language and learning the fundamentals can take as little as 15 minutes. It also feels very familiar if you have a Javascript background. Even though it's simple, it can be a very powerful and effective language for building games, which so often use complex and uncommon development patterns.