Marmalade C++ SDK

Marmalade gives you the full power of C++ - whether you’re coding for one platform or many. Perhaps even more importantly, Marmalade means you can concentrate on simply making your game the best it can be, rather than getting distracted by the mechanics of going cross-platform. Enjoy performance, openness, flexibility and great low-level access – with Marmalade.

Develop for iOS on Windows

Marmalade is the only SDK that lets you develop games for iOS on Windows. Our developers love this feature of Marmalade...

Who uses Marmalade?

Big studios, indies, publishers, and our own studio – all sorts of people use Marmalade! It’s been specifically designed as a versatile, flexible tool focused on making it as simple as possible to build and share brilliant C++ games.

What games and apps are made with Marmalade?

Single player, multi-player, massively multi-player, 2D and 3D games across all genres including RPG – they all get built with Marmalade. See our Showroom for examples.

What our customers say about the SDK

Marmalade cuts through the noise and provides the toolset to focus on building what you want and then it automagically gets it working on just about every device you could want.

Jason Behr, President & Creative Director, Sunbreak Games

A robust cornerstone for a professional cross-platform project.

Ilya Kiryakin, Toffee Games

Marmalade allows us to dive into the world of different platforms without the fear of betting on the wrong horse.

Kalle Määttä, Fluid Interaction

Single Binary, Works for iOS on Windows, C++ Support are really what we needed and Marmalade is a perfect choice indeed for us.


The best part of using Marmalade is, there is no learning curve for each platform. With limited changes the game can be deployed across many platforms.

Mohit Sureka, Spiel Inc

Marmalade hides the differences between platforms, and removes the need for multiple SDKs and IDEs.

Roger Womack, Sports Director Ltd

Made with Marmalade C++ SDK

Air Penguin BackBreaker 2 Blur Buddy & Me Call of Duty: World at War Zombies Decathlon