Marmalade Juice

Unlock your iOS game for Android players

Marmalade Juice is a new and innovative technology which gives developers the ability to recompile their iOS projects natively for Android. And, because there is no need for laborious re-writing, you can focus on making your game the best it can be.

* Gartner Jan 2014 “Android is on pace to surpass one billion users across all devices in 2014”

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Want to publish an iOS game on Amazon or Google Play?

  • Develop in Objective-C and Xcode for Android and bring your game to vast new audience
  • No need for laborious rewriting
  • One team, one set of tools, one codeline
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Intrigued to see Obj-C run on Android?

  • Built on the Marmalade C++ SDK
  • Leveraging Open Source technologies
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What our customers say about Marmalade Juice

Tap Paradise Cove is already a major hit on iOS, so the opportunity through Marmalade Juice to deploy to additional platforms without rewriting the game was extremely valuable to us. Since launch, we have reached over 1 million additional players on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Arjun Dayal, Android Product Lead

Pocket Gems

Working with Marmalade Juice has made the process of bringing games to Android almost invisible. Because everything is still developed in Xcode, there was a minimal learning curve. Using Marmalade Juice was incredibly easy and allowed us to focus on what we love –building hit games.

Justin Ng, Engineering Manager

Storm 8