Marmalade is the leading cross-platform solution for game developers. Our platform combines a powerful SDK and best-in-class services. Author once, deploy to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and more then continuously manage your players so they get the most from your game.
Use a 2D or 3D workflow, code in C++ or Lua, add great content from the Marmalade Asset Store then package for deployment with a single click.
Rapidly iterate using the Marmalade Simulator then target the platforms that matter, all from a single codebase, all with native performance.
Optimize for retention and revenue throughout your game’s lifecycle with Marmalade Cloud Services.
Technical details For C++ and Lua developers

Take a look inside Marmalade Core and Marmalade Quick.

Feature Spotlight Marmalade Hub

Find out how the Hub helps you to author, deploy and manage your Marmalade projects.


Bring your iOS games to Android or create hybrid apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Asset store Looking for great content?

The Asset Store is your one-stop shop to take your Marmalade games to the next level.