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Marmalade supports a broad range of operating systems

Marmalade uniquely provides the opportunity of deploying simultaneously to all platforms without compromising on performance. Marmalade's patented technical architecture builds your application as a portable code binary containing native CPU instructions. All this is possible with a single click for the following operating systems (our 'Supported Platforms') :

Supported platforms

Smartphones & Tablets

Deploy Marmalade games and apps to smartphone and tablet devices. Marmalade supports the most popular operating systems and all the major CPU architectures, ensuring that you can reach the widest possible mobile audience from just one codebase.

iOS Android BlackBerry Windows Tizen
OS version 5.1 and above 2.2 and above playbook OS and BB10 8 and above 2.2
Smartphones iPhones 3GS and above, iPod touch 4th gen and above All All All All
Tablets All All All All All


Taking your code to Desktop using Marmalade can be accomplished in just a few clicks. Apps produced with our SDK support both windowed and full-screen mode.

Windows Mac
OS version Windows XP and above OS X 10.7 and above
CPU x86 x86

Smart TV

Using Marmalade to deploy your content to Connected TV and Smart TV offers a fast, effective way of entering the rapidly-growing market for big-screen apps and games. These platforms are currently available to Marmalade Plus and Pro licensees, and access to some features requires prior approval from the hardware manufacturer.

LG Smart TV Roku
OS version Netcast 3.0, 4.0 Roku 2 & 3