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Marmalade Wins Best Technology Provider at the TIGA Awards
By using Marmalade, we will very easily be able to bring our game to every mobile platform. What’s more, we can do that just by clicking a single button! That’s a genuinely exciting prospect for us.

Grzegorz Adamczyk, CEO and Co-Founder, Silesia Games

We want to live in a world where gamers can play whatever games they’re into, regardless of the device they happen to have in their pocket or under their TV. GODUS is a game for everyone, and developing cross-platform using Marmalade is an important part of our vision.

Peter Molyneux, Creative Director, 22cans

After we’d finished the iOS version, it took us less than an hour to get the “first playable” version of the game up and running on Android.

Paul Tozour, Intelligence Engine Design Systems

The ability to write one code base in C++ and then deploy immediately to iOS and Android is a godsend.

Thomas Henshall, Mirthwerx

Marmalade allowed us to get our builds on devices quickly and painlessly. No other framework can provide that along with jaw–dropping native performance.

Daniel Menard, CEO, Double Stallion Games

We’re extremely happy with our decision to choose Marmalade to develop a high-quality drawing app for our new product ‘Cintiq Companion Hybrid’. Marmalade enabled us to develop the Android app in C++ using the familiar Visual Studio IDE, just like you develop an app for Windows desktop.

Hartmut Woerrlein, Head of Global Product Management at Wacom