Cross-platform development without the overhead

Build breathtaking apps and games with Marmalade

Marmalade is an award winning, cross-platform development tool built around the belief that developers should be free to innovate, create and craft fantastic content for any audience on any device without compromising on performance or creative vision.

With a C++ core and additional modules for Lua, HTML5 and Objective-C, the open and flexible Marmalade architecture and rich ecosystem enables developers to build the experiences they want and deploy them to all major mobile, TV and desktop platforms from just one codebase whilst maintaining native level performance and avoiding expensive porting costs.

Go ahead, spread the good stuff, make it with Marmalade.

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The Marmalade Tool

The Complete Game Development Tool:

  • C++ SDK for native performance and low level access to hardware
  • Single source code for your app regardless of platform
  • No virtual machine
  • Easily integrate 3rd party libraries and API’s directly within the tool
Popular games from these studios are made with Marmalade